Emergency Preparedness – Church Ready

September is Preparedness Month.  Join us as we review our Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Plans.
Is Your Family Ready?
For Most Disasters you’ll need 3-5 days of supplies.  For a Cascadia Event you’ll need 30 days per person.
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First Baptist Church Emergency Response Plan
Family Disaster Plan – SBC NAMB
Link to a YouTube on the WA Response
Cascadia Earthquake from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Stay Informed

Week 1 Preparedness Emphasis Month
If you have a computer or cell phone:
Sign up for Clallam County Alerts . Here
Download the CodeRed app for your cell phone.  Go to the “applications icon or app store” on your phone and download the app (it’s free). 
Radio station:
Did you know that our local emergency information radio station is KSQM 91.5 FM ?  KSQM is part of Clallam County Command Area 5 (Fire District 3) public information system. KSQM will broadcast information as it becomes available, such as cause of the event (e.g. major power grid failure), extent of the outage/emergency, expected restoration of services, and any emergency instructions. 
(Remember, if electrical power is out, your electrically powered radio, TV, computer & possibly your cell phone service will not be working. It is recommended that you have a battery operated  &/or hand-crank radio in your emergency supplies.) 
Check it out on Amazon.com . Just click on the radio above.  We like this radio because it is digital (easy to read and to set the station), has NOAA Weather Radio/Alerts, and has the ability to be solar charged (build in) as well as a hand crank to charge the batteries.  It can also charge your phone with a usb connection, and has LED lights.  Good all around emergency radio.  There are others out there but for the price, this had it all.
WEEK 2 – Cascadia Effects and Prep Guides, see the SBC Family Preparedness Guide above
Micro Islands, Click on Picture to open
FEMA Study Results of Cascadia Event
Red Cross Disaster Calendar Prep
CAMPING IN YOUR HOUSE BROCHURE . Click Here . Prepared by the Joyce Prepardness Group, How to Camp in your home — includes what Joyce, WA has done as a community to prepare, including Camping areas, food storage and mass feeding.